My name is Katja and I come from a wonderful part of Slovenia – Bohinj. I am an ordinary young person in love with nature, books (especially Harry Potter), good music and delicious food (even though I am not much of a cook myself). I enjoy travelling, dancing and hanging out with people who have great sense of humour.

I sensed my mission in life as a young girl, when I experienced different visions and premonitions. At that time, I was scared of the supernatural and felt there was something wrong with me. I was always an excellent student, “too smart for my own good” and started my battle with eating disorders in elementary school. I suffered from anorexia and bulimia, which is an experience I share with many girls. In high school, I started battling depression. I often contemplated suicide and experienced visions of my own death, nightmares, unusual weight loss and tremors. Visits to the hospital lead to no answers about my health. At that time, I had already started to explore the fields of supernatural and esoteric, as a result of various unexplainable events in my life. When the state of despair and depression persisted, I knew I had two options: the easy way (to start taking antidepressants) or the hard way (to find the strength and courage to help myself).

Enthusiastically, I began meditating, reading books on personal and spiritual growth and decided to put up a fight. I discovered the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, affirmations etc. Step by step, I learned to be happy. Meanwhile, I began studying at the Faculty of social work in Ljubljana, which enabled me introspection and new knowledge, which slowly put me back on my feet. At the age of twenty, I inherited some money from my grandmother and decided to spend it on my first meditation course. This opened the door to a completely new reality for me and I found my spiritual path, began to accept my body, released restrained emotions and discovered true internal power, determination, persistence and courage for further personal and spiritual growth.

Between the years 2013 and 2016 I attained three certificates at the spiritual studio Potovanje duše™ (meditation, parapsychology and mediumship), Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner certificate and the international certificate for meditation teacher that I attained on a month-long training in India (Meditation Teacher Training Certificate, 300h, Shree Mahesh Heritage Meditation School Rishikesh).

I also studied the meditation practice through science; for my diploma thesis at the Faculty of social work titled ‘Integration of meditation in the youth social work’, I immersed myself in foreign research on meditation and its effects on adolescents and mental disorders.

I see my purpose on this planet as spreading knowledge about meditation, since I want to instil motivation and confidence in the people (especially young ones) to know that the Universe has a plan for everyone and that we all have a cross as heavy as we can bear and that every fall is a way through which we take a run to fly high above the clouds, reach stars and even further.

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