Access Consciousness is a tool, developed 30 years ago by Dr Gary Douglas, who later expanded it to 173 world countries together with Dr Dain Heer. It signifies access to the higher state of self-awareness and awareness of the world through deconstruction of judgement, fears, restrictions and everything that limits the soul in experiencing its infinity. Through asking questions such as “What are the infinite possibilities for my life to become even better?”, there grows energy that bears endless possibilities.

With our thoughts and words, people limit energy and disrupt the endless potential of energy development. Consciousness always evolves into higher consciousness but modern world blocks this evolution through beliefs, judgements, boundaries and fears. Once we finally liberate our consciousness, sub-consciousness and soul of all the barriers from the present and former lives, we open endless possibilities. Finally, as infinite beings, we can embark upon the path of achieving our potentials and create the life we want.

Access Consciousness techniques can help us transform dual energy into unity. They affect collective cultural and personal beliefs in right and wrong, the way people are supposed to be, as well as acceptable and unacceptable behaviour etc. Elimination of judgements, patterns and beliefs changes our image of reality and gives us the possibility to truly start living the way our infinite being wishes to.

How can I begin to live blissfully? What are the endless possibilities for me to accept prosperity into my life? How can it become even better and enjoyable?

These questions, as well as many others, are the kind we ask the infinite universal energy (the Universe). We all know that the Law of Attraction works to a certain point, but not entirely. The energy blockade forms mainly because we live in a world of duality, where we can sometimes receive the opposite of what we asked for. When we transform our wishes into questions, the energy becomes fluid and open, while we become susceptible to any possible answers. Sometimes, the functioning of Active Consciousness is difficult to describe with words, so I invite you to try the Bars therapy, which is truly magical, according to many clients all over the world.

Access Consciousness Bars

This is the basic technique of Active Consciousness. Dr Gary Douglas channelled the knowledge of 32 points on the head from higher spheres. Through pressure and utterance of cleansing Access Consciousness sentence, those points activate and the energy flow opens possibilities for cleansing our consciousness and subconscious of the beliefs that suppress development of the highest potential of our soul. Through energy therapy, I access your being and cleanse the energy from all aspects of your life.

Access Consciousness Bars treatment lasts 60-90 minutes as a gentle head massage. The therapy allows one to put aside all the restricting beliefs, fears, blockages and judgments and start living with greater satisfaction and self-confidence. Thousands of people all over the world state note that they feel free, happy and joyful after therapy.

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