More and more companies are becoming aware that investing in education and well-being of the employees is of great importance for the productivity of the employees and positive atmosphere in the workplace. Many successful people all over the world meditate daily: Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Paul McCartney, Lebron James, Tony Robins and many others.

Meditation has many scientifically proven, positive psychophysical effects on the functioning of a person (LINK – MEDITATION THROUGH THE LENS OF SCIENCE) and subsequently on the whole team. With practicing meditation, your employees will become more positive, motivated and relaxed.


Single seminar for companies:

  • Meditation through the lens of science
  • Meditation as a toll for personal growth
  • Two guided meditations

+ GIFT for each participant:

Brochure with detailed guidelines for independent practice of meditation



Meditation course for companies

Meditation course includes extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of meditation that will prepare employees for independent meditative practice. Repeated meetings touch upon various subjects, such as positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, the use of affirmation and other techniques for a shift in perception. Each meeting consists of theoretical part (lecture) and practical part (guided meditation).

The course includes five meetings – carried out in one week (Mon to Fri) or over five weeks (once a week).



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